Here’s How You Can Become a Part of the Body Positivity Movement

Here’s How You Can Become a Part of the Body Positivity Movement

Thanks to the internet, we’ve never been more well-connected with each other. While this has brought us together, it has also made us a lot more vulnerable to comparing ourselves with ‘perfect images’ we see online.

Society and pop culture have created unrealistic beauty standards that many people, especially women, feel pressured by. You should have a small waist, but a big butt. Lots of hair on your head and eyebrows but hairless everywhere else. Slim but not muscular. The list goes on and on.

Just like studying to score a good grade or dedicating hours to master an instrument, loving and appreciating your body comes with practice. And Body Positivity is a movement designed with this goal in mind. The movement is focused on empowering people to accept and feel confident in their bodies.

Do you find yourself fixated on your ‘flaws’ every time you look in the mirror The idea of loving yourself is popularly discussed and shared, but it’s often not as easy to practice in real life.

If you’ve been struggling to see your body in a positive light, here are some ways you can embrace body positivity.

Say Positive Affirmations

Saying positive affirmations sounds silly, but don’t dismiss before trying it! Find some positive affirmations that you like and say them out every day or multiple times a day.

Stop Comparing

Euro-Centric beauty standards are everywhere, but beauty is not a monolith that can be contained by conforming caucasian criteria. You’ve probably heard it a million times before, but you are beautiful in your own unique way! You need to work on parting with these euro-centric beauty standards that you have internalised over time.

Moreover, social media is an instigator for comparison for many people. Instead of distressing yourself over unrealistic expectations, unfollow accounts that make you feel bad about yourself.

Follow Body-Positive Influencers

On the other end of toxic comparison are body positive influencers. Follow body-positive bloggers and influencers who can help you with their body positivity journeys. Consuming such encouraging and empowering content is beneficial.

Healthy > Skinny

Being able to fit an XS dress is not the same as being healthy. It’s imperative to realise the difference between feeling strong and just being skinny. Eat a nutritious diet and exercise regularly to stay healthy rather than hitting a certain absurd number on the scale.

Talk Kindly

Whether you’re talking to a friend or yourself, catch yourself every time you say something unkind about your body. Even if you are just ‘joking’, this simple habit of negative talk is hampering your confidence.

Look Beyond Physical Looks

You have so much more to you than just mere physical appearance. Remind yourself of these good qualities, talents and skills instead of focusing on nitpicking your looks.

There are different things that work for different people. It’s a journey that may take some time, but you will ultimately get there!