A Brief Guide To Buying the Perfect Shapewear

A Brief Guide To Buying the Perfect Shapewear

Whether you are doing your makeup or putting together an outfit, starting with a solid base always is the way to go. Wearing the right undergarments can make even the simplest outfits look and fit better. So, if you’re on the market for new shapewear, this is your all-informing guide to buying well-constructed shapewear. Take a look.

Find the Perfect Size

There is a common misconception about shapewear that you should go for a smaller size for more compression. But don’t fall for it! Buying a smaller size will not only make you feel uncomfortable, but it won’t do what it’s meant to do. Carefully consult the size chart to find your perfect size- no smaller, no bigger.

Make Sure It Doesn’t Roll Down

Have you ever gone dancing wearing a strapless bra and feel it slowly falling down? There is nothing more annoying than clothing that you have to constantly adjust. It’s incredibly inconvenient and no one wants to deal with that.

So, when you’re shopping for shapewear, always look for pieces that come with silicon tape that will prevent it from rolling down. This simple feature will allow you to go about your days without making constant adjustments to keep your shapewear in place.

Look for Targeted Compression Panels

Are you conscious about your thighs? Do you require more core support? Look for targeted compression panels when shopping for shapewear styles.

Choose the Right Solution

When it comes to shapewear, there are a wide range of styles. There is high waisted long shapewear, which is suitable for all kinds of outfits and everyday use. On the other hand, there are full-bodysuits that will give you the right support, even if you’ve just given birth. To find the best suited shapewear solution, first understand your specific target area.

Fabric Quality

You don’t want thick, stiff fabric that will stand out like a sore thumb under a delicate dress. Ideally a good shapewear should be soft and easy to put on. You don’t want to feel trapped in an uncomfortable fabric when you’re out with your friends!

That’s why it’s very important to purchase shapewear with a crotch opening so you can be ready when nature calls!

Keep it Neutral

To ensure your shapewear looks seamless under every outfit, it is advisable to stick to neutral shades like flesh-tone or black.

For creating a wardrobe that will last you for decades, it’s important to invest in high-quality pieces that are designed keeping your specific needs in mind. Hopefully, this post helps you find the perfect shapewear for every occasion!