You Need To Keep Up With Your Sexual Wellness

You Need To Keep Up With Your Sexual Wellness

For a country with a staggering population of 135 crores, you would think we would be more comfortable talking about sex. But unfortunately, that’s not the reality. In schools, we learn about the most basic biological anatomy and that’s it. Figure out the rest from puritan Bollywood interpretations and inaccurate sexist porn.

Since talking about the actual act of sexual intercourse is such a taboo, it’s hard to expect our society to openly and non-judgmentally discuss sexual wellness. Sex is a natural part of life, not just for reproduction but also for pleasure. It’s normal, it’s fun, then why the hesitation?

For a satisfying and happy sex life, it’s all-important to keep up with your sexual health and wellness. Feeling connected to your body physically and mentally, taking the right precautions, being informed and respectful are a few aspects of sexual wellness.

Know What You Like

Sex is enjoyable when you know your likes and dislikes. And you should always remember that no two people will have the same exact preferences. If you’re not feeling it with a partner, maybe take a step back to explore what you like.


Sex can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite awkward, especially when you’re having sex for the first time or with a new partner. Clear communication and setting boundaries beforehand will help ease up your nerves. Moreover, communicating your preferences and vice-versa is necessary for a mutually pleasurable experience.

Look After Yourself

You physical and mental health is going to directly impact your sex life. Start taking good care of yourself by eating well, exercising regularly and keeping stress levels in check.

Check Your Emotional Health

Sex has always been treated like a dirty act that must never be spoken of in public settings. But there is absolutely no reason to feel ashamed about having sex and enjoying it. There are many facets to exploring your sexuality, which include acknowledging your desires as well as developing a level of trust with a partner. You should never feel pressured to have sex, from peers or partners.

Remember, consent is revocable at any time, even if you agreed initially. And if this line was crossed, share your experience with someone you trust and consider getting professional and legal help if you want.

Learn About Protection

From permanent to temporary, there is a wide range of protection options available. IUDs, diaphragms, pills and condoms are some of the most popular methods of birth control. However, using a condom is imperative to protect yourself from STIs. Taking precaution is your responsibility just as much as your partners. So the next time a guy says he’s too big for a condom, tell them there is no such thing.

Talk to Your Doctor

If having intercourse is hurting or causing any other unnatural reactions, it’s best to consult a doctor. And if you’ve contracted an STI, take responsibility and inform your sexual partner(s) in addition to getting medical attention. Also, you shouldn’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about protection, or any other topic related to sex.

Sexual wellness isn’t just exclusive for people with active sex life or for those planning to have sex for the first time. Even if you’re not interested in sex, learning about sexual wellness and health can help you discover your sexuality and feel empowered, whichever end of the spectrum you belong to.