The Only Guide You Need When Shopping For Intimate Wear

The Only Guide You Need When Shopping For Intimate Wear

Not to state the obvious, but intimate wear is a second skin clinging close to your body. While you can make do with a cheap pair of leggings you bought on sale, compromising with the quality of underwear is not advised.

In today’s world of online shopping, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to apparel. Having an abundance of choice is wonderful, but can also feel overwhelming. Where do you even start?

In this post, we’re sharing everything you should look for when buying intimate wear. Let’s get started.

Before you start shopping for underwear, it’s crucial to know the purpose. Are you looking for bodywear that you can wear under a skin-tight dress? Or do you need a cosy tank top for everyday wear? For example, buying a push-up bra isn’t the best idea if you are looking for something to lounge in. Understanding the purpose will help you narrow down the option and choose a suitable under garment.

Jersey, cotton, satin, silk, florence net– the list is endless when it comes to underwear fabric. Each fabric offers different benefits and visual appeal. While a lace bra is perfect for a chic peek-a-boo moment, cotton and spandex underwear is a much better choice for everyday lifestyle.

At times, you need a snug fit that works with your outfit. For example, a thong isn’t particularly comfortable but it’s an ideal choice if you are planning to wear a body-hugging satin dress. However, it’s not a practical choice for everyday wear. For your daily lifestyle, it’s better to pick high-coverage and comfortable underwear.

Let’s just put it this way, when it comes to underwear, size does matter! Buying underwear that’s too small for you is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to rashes. On the other hand, underwear that’s too large won’t provide you with the necessary support. Since women’s clothing sizes are all over the place, you should always refer to the size guide before making a purchase.

Moreover, don’t make the mistake of just guessing your size. Take out the measuring tape and measure yourself. It will save you the hassle of buying the wrong-sized apparel. Also, most intimate wear is non-returnable and you don’t want to waste your money on underwear that doesn’t fit you.


There’s no shortage of options when it comes to colours. However, when you are choosing a colour or pattern, think about the outfit. The last thing you need is an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction with your bright-coloured underwear clearly visible underneath light clothes.

Ill-fitting and poor quality underwear is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to rashes and infections. It would be best to invest in high-quality intimate wear crafted with breathable and supportive fabrics.

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