5 Must-Have Bodywear Solutions For Young Divas

5 Must-Have Bodywear Solutions For Young Divas

The past few years of building Butt-Chique has been phenomenally insightful for me and it would be an understatement to say the Indian lingerie industry has a long way to go. From uncomfortable encounters with salesmen to a blatant disregard for size inclusivity, I’ve seen it all.

Despite a lack of certain important elements, luckily, there is an abundance of choice but lack of awareness when it comes to bodywear solutions.

Have you ever wondered if there is fashion advice that appeals to every woman, no matter their style aesthetic? Well, yes! I believe the right bodywear solutions create a foundation for your outfit.
Whether you have a go-to ‘uniform’ of jeans and t-shirt or you enjoy taking fashion risks, well-fitted bodywear solutions play a key role in making your outfits look flattering. I’m glad to share a guide that will help you discover must-have bodywear solutions. Take a look.

Nipple pasties are your fashion saviour when you don’t feel like wearing a restrictive bra on a hot day. These are especially useful for sheer tops, swimsuits, and backless silk dresses. Pasties can be worn by themselves if you want to go braless or coupled with a Body Tape for a better lift!

Body Tape
Picture a strappy dress that will make you look like an enigmatic bombshell. But there is a catch, what about the bra situation?

While you can wear a normal bra, it will take away from the cohesiveness of the outfit. On the other hand, a strapless bra may annoyingly slide down. Moreover, most bras won’t work with a backless or low-cut dress. And even if they do, how much are you willing to spend on every style of bra?

This is where Butt-Chique’s Body tape comes into the picture, wielding the power of all the bras in the world. Whether you are planning to wear a Bardot top or a cowl-neck dress, you can mould body tape in any way you want. Whenever you see actresses and celebrities wear dresses with plunging necklines and daring cutouts, they are wearing body tapes effortlessly. Apart from being incredibly versatile, body tape is also a considerably affordable alternative.

Shoulder Cushion
Usually, beautiful lace bras come with narrow straps that look delicate but put too much pressure on your shoulders. And this is especially a struggle for big busted ladies. Instead of letting your favourite bras go waste, use a shoulder cushion or pad to prevent bra straps from digging into your shoulders. These can be sourced easily online.

You may think that shapewear has made the biggest comeback in the fashion industry since kitschy Y2K looks but the noteworthy fact is that shapewear has been around for centuries. But fortunately we have moved on from restrictive corsets and bulky girdles to supportive and empowering shapewear.

It’s no longer about looking smaller or thinner than you are. Rather, shapewear designed for modern women urges you to flaunt what you got. For me, it has played an indispensable role in boosting my confidence and making me feel empowered.

Does your dress bunch up in an unflattering way? Is there an outfit that hugs your body in the wrong places? Shapewear is just the thing you need. From high-waisted shapewear to full bodysuit, there is a wide range of solutions serving different purposes.

In fact, shapewear can come quite handy if you’ve recently given birth. It can provide you with the necessary back and core support. Ultimately, expertly-designed shapewear creates a seamless silhouette and accentuates your curves.

Bra Band Extenders
We all have a bra that perfectly moulds your breasts but digs into your back. So do you just throw it in the back of your closet and never wear it again? Considering how expensive lingerie can be, a bra band extender will help you wear bras that are a little too snug around the midriff.

From a gorgeous dress to a statement pair of pants, versatile bodywear solutions are essential for every outfit. When it comes to these apparels and accessories, don’t hesitate to splurge. Consider it as an investment that will come in handy for a long time!