8 Fashion Secrets From Top Celebrity Stylists

8 Fashion Secrets From Top Celebrity Stylists

Everyone in the world has probably fawned over Zendaya’s flawless red carpet looks. That woman never disappoints. From daring colors to beautiful silhouettes, her fashion choices always make the headlines. Apart from her immense talent and charm, Zendaya’s hit looks can be equally credited to Law Roach, her beloved stylist.

It’s no secret that most red carpet darlings are assisted by influential stylists. While you may not have a celebrity stylist pulling runway pieces for you, it’s still possible to learn from them and up your fashion game. Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Know Your Best Features
Before you start shopping for pieces, it’s important to know your favourite features. Whether you like your green eyes or toned legs, keep this in mind when browsing clothes. A green outfit will bring out your eyes, while a mini-skirt is perfect to flaunt your legs. Alternatively, this is also helpful for avoiding clothes that may highlight a feature you’re not comfortable showing off.

2. Tailoring is Key
Even an expensive pair of pants will look mediocre without proper tailoring. Pay attention to buying clothes that fit you right. You may think that a size up or down doesn’t matter, but it makes a world of difference. If you are unable to find the perfect size, we suggest contacting a tailor and getting your clothes altered.

3. Flattering Undergarments
Undergarments play a crucial role in maintaining the structure of the clothing and making everything look seamless. Ill-fitted undergarments are a big no-no. Moreover, some outfits are simply not made for traditional underwear. Instead of limiting your choices, take fashion risks with boob tape.

Boob tape allows you to wear necklines of all shapes without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. This also means you don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet

 by buying all kinds of bras for different outfits.

4. Invest in Staples
Stylists always recommend investing in staple wardrobe pieces that will help you create the base for your outfits. These pieces are versatile and can be easily worn interchangeably. Some closet essentials include shapewears, high-waisted jeans, a button-down shirt, black t-shirt and a pair of black boots.

5. Photograph Your Outfits
We all have imagined an outfit only for it to end up looking terrible in real life. Save yourself from last-minute panic by photographing your looks. Stylists often photograph the outfits they put together. This allows them to look at the ‘fit objectively and make necessary changes.

6. Pack Your Purse
If you are going to an event, it would be best to pack your purse before you start getting ready. The last thing you want is forgetting tickets or some other important things.

7. Make Your Footwear Comfortable
We won’t lie to you by saying that heels can be as comfortable as sneakers. But they can be made a lot less painful. You can add padded or gel inserts to make the sole softer on your feet. It’s also a good idea to use a piece of body tape to protect the back of your feet from shoe bite.

8. Get Inspired
People often look up to professional stylists because they don’t have a sense of personal style. Developing personal style takes time and work. Start by looking at Instagram fashionistas and Pinterest to find inspiration. Creating a moodboard of your favourite looks will help you understand what you like and build further.