4 Amazing Boob Tape Hacks Every Woman Should Know

4 Amazing Boob Tape Hacks Every Woman Should Know

In the world of risque necklines, boob tape has been nothing short of a saviour. From donning a strapless gown to a backless bodysuit, you can trust boob tape to keep everything in place. But did you know that boob tape is far more versatile than just supporting your breasts?

Prevent Bra Strap From Falling
There is nothing more annoying than a bra strap that just won’t stay in place. Instead of fiddling with the straps, secure them to your body or clothing with the help of boob tape. Such tapes generally have a strong adhesive that won’t come off, unlike any other regular tape.

Alternatively, you can skip the hassle of wearing an ill-fitted bra and give your breasts a lift with boob tape. You can style the flexible tape any way you want.

Fix Wardrobe Malfunctions
Does your dress have a slit far higher than you thought? Are you feeling conscious about wearing a deep-neck top? Boob tape can help you avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. You can prevent flashing everyone by taping the upper part of the slit to make it more modest.

Avoid Shoe Bite
Buying new shoes is exciting, but the same can’t be said about breaking them in. Whether you are dreading wearing a pair of sky-high heels or chunky Doc Martens, boob tape can save you from painful shoe bites. Simply cut a small piece and stick it over your Achilles tendon and other parts of your foot. Since, boob tape is safe for using on skin, it does a great job of protecting your feet from uncomfortable footwear.

Emergency Bandage
Did you cut yourself while making dinner but don’t any bandage at home? Rather than driving to the pharmacy with bloody hands, use boob tape as a temporary bandage. Make sure you thoroughly clean the wound with an antiseptic solution and place a cotton swab before wrapping it up in boob tape.

Hopefully, these hacks convinced you to add boob tape as a must-have fashion accessory for your wardrobe. So what are you waiting for? Buy today!