In Bed With Butt-Chique (Part 2)

In Bed With Butt-Chique (Part 2)

Weekly Q & A about female sexuality, sexual identiy, self pleasure, and other related themes.

How do I stop feeling self-conscious about my acne and stretch marks when it comes to sex?

We all have something we feel deeply insecure about. Maybe it’s stretch marks around your waist or acne on your back. But the truth is none of these things matter in the sheets.

Understandably, a few words of encouragement won’t suddenly make you feel more confident. We encourage you to express your inhibitions to your partner. Sex is very much about trusting yourself as well as your partner. There’s a good chance that these things don’t impact your sex appeal whatsoever. You both should talk about it and find ways that make you feel empowered in bed. This could include dimming the lights if you’re self conscious about your body or putting on some tunes if you’re embarrassed of hearing your own sex noises.

Other than that, we urge you to practice rituals that make you feel attractive and sexy. Try splurging on sultry lingerie or pampering yourself from head to toe. Loving your body and desires is a part of your sexual journey. Make sure you address and alleviate your insecurities for a healthier sex life.

 Is it okay to have sex when you’re on your period?

Yes, having sex on your period is okay and completely safe. It entirely depends on your comfort level. It’s also a good idea to discuss it with your partner to learn if they’re on the same page. While things may get a little messy, having sex on your period can actually help relive menstrual symptoms! We suggest laying down a thick towel or bedsheet to minimize the mess. Also, remember to take out any tampon or menstrual cup.

Though the chances of getting pregnant on your period are lower, contraception is always a good idea. Moreover, condoms are only form of contraception that will help you avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

What can I do about my saggy breasts and flat butt?

First of all, there is nothing wrong with having saggy breasts especially when you are laying down. You can’t expect them to be perky little hills! You can make your boobs and butt firmer with regular exercise. Alternatively, wearing boob tape, push-up inserts and butt pads are some ways to enhance your figure.

You probably have come across actors and models with perky boobs and perfectly-rounded butts. Well, all of that involves a lot of work. In addition to a strictly monitored lifestyle, the images you see on social media are usually heavily edited. Moreover, many famous personalities resort to cosmetic enhancement to achieve their desired body shape. This goes to show that comparing yourself to an affluent celebrity is pointless. It’s 2022, we must appreciate our bodies, don’t you think so?

Are menstrual mood swings a real thing? 

Absolutely yes! Unfortunately, menstrual mood swings have become the subject of jokes, typically made by men. While it may seem like a funny little anecdote, it is a real thing women struggle with.

It’s normal to feel sad, irritated, upset, anxious and other heightened emotions a week or two before your period. For people suffering from Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), the mood swings can be even more intense. Certain lifestyle changes, birth control, supplements, and medication have shown to help with mood swings. It’s best to consult your doctor to find a suitable treatment.

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