Here’s An All Telling Guide To Body Tape & Pasties (The Only One You’ll Need!)

Here’s An All Telling Guide To Body Tape & Pasties (The Only One You’ll Need!)

You probably have seen A-listers walk the red carpet in outfits with the most risqué necklines and suits sans shirts. So are they going commando? Well, sometimes. But for most occasions, people are wearing Body Tape and Pasties to ensure a wardrobe malfunction doesn’t put a damper on their night.

What is Body Tape?
Body Tape is a 100% cotton adhesive tape that perfectly sticks to your skin. No matter your skin type or breast size, Body Tape is stretchable and gives you the coverage you are looking for. Whether you are wearing an off-the shoulder top or a gown with a plunging neckline, you can create custom bras for every outfit with Body Tape.

If you’re worried about any discomfort, don’t be! Body Tape Or Boob Tape is breathable and hypoallergenic.

What are Pasties?
You could call Pasties the gentler sister of Body Tape. While the strong adhesive of Boob Tape is suitable to use directly on the skin, nipples are far more sensitive and delicate than the rest of your body. It is always advised to put on Pasties to cover your nipples before applying Body Tape. Trust us, this will save you from unnecessary discomfort.

How To Apply
Applying it is not half as complicated as you might think. Here are the easy steps to apply Boob Tape.

Start by cutting an appropriate size tape. This could be the length from under your breast to over your shoulder, the length across your chest, or any way you prefer wearing Boob Tape. It can be virtually moulded into any style you want.

Before you stick the tape to your breasts, it’s important to cover your nipples with something softer, ideally Pasties.

Next, get your breasts in the desired position. Then slightly peel back the lining to stick a small portion of the tape.

Now, lift and adjust your breasts with one hand and use the other to peel back the rest of the lining and stick the tape.

Use your hands to pat and smooth it over to ensure it has fully adhered to your breasts.

Boob Tape is made for one-time use. Once you’re done with it, carefully remove it using the instructions mentioned below and discard it responsibly.

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How To Remove

A common misconception about Body Tape is that it should be ripped off like a bandaid. But don’t do that! It can be quite painful and might even injure your skin. First, soak up the tape in lotion or oil to ease up the adhesive. Once you feel it loosen, slowly start peeling it away from your breasts and use more lotion is required. You shouldn’t wear Boob Tape two days in a row.

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Important Things To Know About Body Tape
So how long can you wear Boob Tape? It is advised to wear it for 6-8 hours. If required, you can wear it for a bit longer but no more than 10 hours.

When you are partying the night away or it’s the height of summer, sweating is normal. Thankfully, Body Tape is sweatproof as well as waterproof. In fact, you can even wear it under your swimsuit. That being said, wearing Body Tape is not ideal if you are in direct sunlight or sunbathing.

Since some people can be allergic to adhesives, it is highly recommended to do a patch test before using Body Tape. Cut a small strip of Body Tape, apply it over or under your breast and leave it for at least 8 hours. If you experience any allergic reaction, immediately discontinue use and consult a doctor if the irritation doesn’t go away.

In case you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, breastfeeding or lactating, Body Tape is NOT suitable for you.

Final Words

Body Tape and Pasties together promise all the support your breasts need. Whether you are planning on wearing a slinky silk dress or a backless bodysuit, Body Tape will seamlessly sculpt your boobs, just like you want it to. And if you aren’t looking for extensive coverage, just wearing pasties is good enough.