Did You Know You Need Shapewear for Postpartum? Here’s Why!

Did You Know You Need Shapewear for Postpartum? Here’s Why!

Preparing to bring a new life into the world is an immensely joyous time mixed with unexplainable stress. If you’re expecting soon, your focus is probably on getting the nursery ready and figuring out baby gadgets. Seriously how many pieces can one baby swing have? And what even is a diaper genie?

But in all this chaos, expecting mothers often forget to plan for their postpartum self. Did you know that birthing a child can be one of the most painful and even traumatic experiences of your life? Along with making sure the little one has everything required, it is also imperative to look out for your future needs as a new mother.

One thing you should consider spending on is the right shapewear for postpartum. You may be thinking, “I won’t be going out at least for several weeks, why do I need shapewear?”

Shapewear is a lot more versatile than being an undergarment to make your outfits look flawless. Shapewear for postpartum can provide the much-needed support to recover from the birthing process.

As previously mentioned, the birthing process is distressing. And with a demanding newborn, you will be expected to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Well-fitted shapewear offers abdominal support to make it easier to walk around.

In addition to abdominal support, postpartum shapewear also supports your back. Everything hurts during pregnancy and after birth. Slight compression and overall support with the right shapewear will give you much-needed relief.

Furthermore, if you end up having a C-section, your recovery time is bound to increase. After this procedure, it’s crucial to avoid putting pressure on the incision. Wearing shapewear will ensure your stitches don’t get caught on clothing. When shopping for shapewear, make sure to look for a style with an open bust so you can easily wear a maternity bra and breastfeed.

We all have seen celebrities go back to their pre-pregnancy body shape in a matter of weeks after giving birth. While it’s undeniably impressive, it is not something that you should aspire for. Affluent people like actors and models have a whole team looking after their nutrition and workouts and not to mention, their ability to hire round the clock childcare.

The initial couple of weeks or even months are going to be tough. Wearing shapewear can make you feel good in your skin by slightly slimming down your post-pregnancy belly. While this is not a permanent solution, it will certainly give you a boost of confidence. Remember it took your body 9 whole months to cook up your bundle of joy. Then how can you expect it to shrink back to normal in a couple of weeks? Be kind to yourself!