Completed Sales: A sale would be deemed as complete after 7 days of the order being received and paid in full by the customer.

If there is any unforeseen situation through the customer’s end where she refuses to pay/doesn’t need the product/needs her money back/refuses to take the product, Butt-Chique reserves the right to cancel such sale.

** Commission will be due only on completed sales.

Commission Calculation: The commission will be calculated on the Net Sale price (Final amount paid by customer less GST)

The commission percentage is mentioned in the panel. Percentage of commission will be:

1. 10% for the first 20 pieces Total: 20 sales
2. 15% for the next 30 pieces Total: 50 sales
3. 20% for the next 50 pieces Total: 100 sales

** Full-Bodysuit is a bundle and includes both BodySuit and the Shorty. It will therefore be counted as 2 pieces of units sold.

Commission Payouts: All commission payouts will happen in the first week of the succeeding month. We will take into consideration sales made in the previous month.

Example: For all the completed sales made from 1st May to 31st May, the commission due will be settled in the first week of June.
Here, sales completed in June will not be counted.

For any queries please reach out to us at [email protected]

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